Early Career Spotlight Talks

    • Christopher Amato
      Decision-Making Under Uncertainty in Multi-Agent and Multi-Robot Systems: Planning and Learning
    • Yukino Baba
      Statistical Quality Control for Human Computation and Crowdsourcing
    • Anca Dragan
      Optimizing Robot Action for and around People
    • Martin Gebser
      Gearing up Knowledge Representation and Reasoning for the Real World
    • Emmanuel Hebrard
      Reasoning about NP-complete Constraints
    • Jia Jia
      Mental Health Computing via Harvesting Social Media Data
    • Albert Xin Jiang
      Solving Games with Structured Strategy Spaces
    • J. Zico Kolter
      The power of convexity in deep learning
    • Xiaojuan Ma
      Towards Human-Engaged AI
    • Cynthia Matuszek
      Grounded Language Learning: Where Robotics and NLP Meet
    • Nina Narodytska
      Formal Analysis of Deep Binarized Neural Networks
    • Roberto Navigli
      Natural Language Understanding: Instructions for (Present and Future) Use
    • Frans A. Oliehoek
      Interactive Learning and Decision Making: Foundations, Insights & Challenges
    • Magdalena Ortiz
      Improving Data Management using Domain Knowledge
    • Nardine Osman
      Partakable Technology
    • Scott Sanner
      Symbolic Compilation, Inference, and Decision-making with Deep-learned Models
    • Guy Shani
      Advances and Challenges in Privacy Preserving Planning
    • Matthew E. Taylor
      Improving Reinforcement Learning with Human Input
    • Serena Villata
      Artificial Argumentation for Humans
    • William Yeoh
      Towards Improving the Expressivity and Scalability of Distributed Constraint Optimization Problems
    • Yang Yu
      Towards Sample Efficient Reinforcement Learning
    • Xiangliang Zhang
      Mining Streaming and Temporal Data: from Representation to Knowledge
    • Vincent W. Zheng
      Engineering Graph Features via Network Functional Blocks
    • Jun Zhu
      Probabilistic Machine Learning: Models, Algorithms and a Programming Library