Industry Days

The IJCAI 2018 Industry Days are a unique networking event where entrepreneurs and scientists can discuss the future of AI and its impact on industry and society. This event is going to be held on July 18 and 19, 2018. Although it was previously a one-day event, this year is planned for two days due to the success of this event in previous years and increase in the number of interest from companies in presenting their work.

Companies known in the area of AI technologies will give a talk about their companies’ operation, advancement and strategies with regard to AI. These companies are mainly known and giant companies in AI presenting a diverse range of topics from e-commerce to social network, cloud computing, gaming applications and etc.

IJCAI 2018 Industry Days will also host two panel sessions involving researchers, data scientists, and business executives in discussion with each other and the audience. The first panel focuses on advancement in AI for healthcare. A second panel discusses AI in autonomous driving as one of the today’s exemplary and successful applications of AI.

Industry Day event will connect the advancement in AI in research labs to the application in the real world, will discuss the challenges, success stories and impact of today’s technology and will provide insights into future society.